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Mainstream Windows supply and install a bespoke range of conservatories in Solihull, Knowle, Stratford upon Avon, Bromsgrove, Evesham, Sutton Coldfield, Henley in Ardem, Warwick and leamington spa.

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Complete Glazing are a reliable company for creating and building conservatories we have over 25 years industry and installation experience.

Conservatories are a fantastic investment, they not only increase the size of your property but also increase the value of your home. It is one of the most simplest ways to bring a whole new look to your house.

Whether you want to enjoy more living space, invest in a bigger entertaining area for you and your guests, or you want to be able to enjoy your garden, all year round, then a conservatory could be the perfect upgrade for you.

Because of new designs and creations, you don’t always have to have yours looking like the ‘norm’. This meaning, you don’t always have to have a standard square or rectangular shape, you can invest in a ‘P’ or ‘T’ shaped conservatory. Along with these different designs, you can have whatever size you want, depending on the amount of space you have.

Complete Glazing Birmingham are highly skilled and trained. Providing you with double glazed windows, you can decide what style, size and colour you want, making it an exciting experience for you while you create the perfect feature to your home.

“Can’t recommend Complete Glazing Birmingham highly enough, me and my partner are extremely happy with the the conservatory they supplied and installed for us. They worked closely with us and helped us choose a style and design that would fit well with our property.” 

Derrick Edwards

Stunning Designs

Our team of qualified installers have over 25 years, every job they carry out is finished to the highest standard.

What are Conservatories?

For those who don’t know, a conservatory is a room or a building with a roof usually made out of polycarbonate. Mostly, it is used as a sun room or greenhouse and is commonly attached to the side or rear of the house.

In the UK, a conservatory is a building that has 75% of its roof glazed with materials like glass or polycarbonate sheeting. Along with this, the side wall area must be at least 50% glazed. The origin of them can be traced back to the 16th century when the landowners thought of growing citrus fruits.

Double Glazed Windows

Quality and safety always come first here, so ensuring all of our double glazed windows are both of these crucial things is extremely important to us. There are many different types of conservatories you can invest in, which can make it a rather stressful experience but, here at Complete Glazing, we like to take all of the stress away, leaving you with nothing but the thrill of having your perfect choice built.

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Conservatories are a fantastic way to add additional space and style to your home, they come with a wide array of advantages including a provision of natural light, good ventilation, adaptability, security, comfort and style.

Benefits of our Installations

There are numerous benefits of having one installed; some of them are as follows:

Excellent Security

With our products, you can rest assured that your house will be safe. We use premium quality materials for creating and building in accordance with the British Standards. We have worked closely with crime prevention organizations to come up with solutions to stop intruders. This is why we use toughened glass on all of our installations to provide you peace of mind. You will not have to worry about anything.

We also use a multi-point locking system that will enhance the security.


It can be a serene and peaceful place, where you can relax and unwind after a long and tiring day. This will help you decrease stress and anxiety helping you live a healthy life.

Modern conservatories

The perfect way to add value to your house is by adding an orangery. It is not only cost-effective but a great way to have more usable space. Moreover, you can choose the style, design and theme. You can choose everything, from the structure to the décor. Whether you like to have a P shaped or a square one, you can choose the shape that you like the best.

We are a trustworthy and reliable company, we have been designing and installing orangery’s for many years. For more information give us a call on 0121 405 1058 to speak to a friendly member of staff.

Our home improvement services are the perfect way to add additional character and space to your property.

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