How to Install a Conservatory

A conservatory makes a great addition to any home. They look good and they offer lots of extra space. As you might have guessed, you can save a lot of money by installing your conservatory yourself. As long as you have the skills anyway. Here’s a look at how to install a conservatory.


Check that the area you are building the conservatory on is free from debris and that there are no tree roots below the surface. These can come up and crack through the floor and damage a pre-fabricated base. If you are having a builder lay the base for you and build a dwarf wall then you can still save money while having someone handle the fundamentals.

No matter whether you choose a prefabricated or concrete base, next comes actually laying it. The size of the conservatory plays a part in which kind of base is best. If you are using a DIY conservatory kit then be sure to check with the manufacturer which kind of base you need. When putting down the base, you should ensure that you check each corner to make sure it’s all square.


Don’t forget to damp proof the foundation as necessary. A concrete base uses a damp proof membrane that goes below the concrete. A dwarf wall requires the damp proof course to go above ground level. Check manufacturer guidelines for prefabricated walls and bases to see what they recommend.

After laying the base and leaving it to dry, you can start construction on the dwarf walls if necessary. If your conservatory will need things such as electric sockets, phone lines, and ceiling fans, then you should keep them in mind when constructing the walls. As you are acting as the conservatory installer be sure to consult an electrician about what you are doing and what you need and they should be able to advise you on how, when, and where to install them.

After putting down the base and getting your conservatory kit, check that you have everything you need using the drawings. Then, lay all the frames out in the positions they need to be fixed to ensure you have everything and that it all goes together.

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Constructing Your Conservatory

After ensuring that everything fits together properly you can start constructing the conservatory. You should get all of the fixings you need for this in the construction kit. This is typically things like bolts and frame fittings. Check that each opening is right as you build to avoid mistakes.

After securing all the frames in place you can start to install the window glass and beads according to the instructions. There are several guides that can help you with this step if you need it.

Seal all the joints as the manufacturer’s instructions specify. Once again, there are guides on how to properly use a sealant gun if you need help.

Now that your DIY conservatory has been built you can start decorating it however you like.

While DIY construction kits for conservatories are available, it still takes a degree of DIY know-how to put them together. Don’t be afraid to call in the professionals if you need help.


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