How Double Glazing Is Installed

So, you have been searching around for double glazing companies, you have had a few quotes and you have chosen the one that best suits you but, what happens next?

Complete Glazing Birmingham are the experts within the double glazing industry. Our highly skilled team of professionals have years of experience and have all the knowledge required to fit double glazing doors and windows. If you choose to have your work done by Complete Glazing, here is a guide on what you can expect, in terms of the installation process.

The double glazed window installation process

So, you have chosen a suitable glazing manufacturer to supply you windows for your property and you have chosen your window design, colour and the colour of your handles. You have gone for the best window you wanted with the full security locking system and now you are unsure of what happens next. Well, the next step is to have your windows installed.

When our team of installers arrive at your property, they will start by making sure the access to the window is safe. If there is anything blocking its way, you don’t have to worry as our team will move anything necessary for you and once they have everything out of the way, they will then prepare the area for the installation to ensure it is a clean and precise installation.

Once the area has been checked and it is safe, they will place a dust sheet on the floor where the work will be carried out to prevent anything messing up your floors. The team at Complete Glazing Birmingham take great care when it comes to your home. We aim to leave it exactly how it was when we came… apart from your brand new, beautiful window of course!

The removal of your old windows

If you’re having the whole window replaced, the measurements of the new frame will be checked over. This is just to double check that your new windows are the correct size before any installation is started. Once all measurements have been checked, they will take your old window out.

Insert the new frame into the aperture

When the old window has been successfully removed, the new frame will be inserted into the open aperture and then bolted firmly into the concrete. Our team will always make sure everything is perfect so they will check that everything is even by using a spirit level and when that has been checked, the glass can be fitted.

Fitting the glass sealed units

By now, the frame has been successfully installed into the brickwork and it’s now time for our team to carefully place the new glass unit, into the aperture. When the glass is in place, beads are gently fitted around it to safely enclose the glass and keep it secure in its frame. If the team think that it needs a little extra security, they may decide to use wedges to ensure that it’s just that little extra snug between the uPVC frame and the glass.

Perfecting the last touches

When the window has been successfully installed, to give the window it’s perfect finish, the installers will use silicone on both the inside and outside of the window and add trim to make sure the window is looking perfect. With the sealants and the trim, we will always use the same colour, in order to keep it looking classy and to refrain from it being noticeable against the brickwork.

Now, it’s time to tidy up and get everything back to normal

When the installation of your new windows has been completed, the installers will take away all of their tools and begin to tidy up the workspace area. Our installers will even hoover up after themselves to ensure your home is exactly how it was when we arrived. Just in case, be sure to check the workspace area and make sure that our team have left nothing behind.

After everything has been cleaned and taken away, our installers will show you how to use the window and will show you all the special features and moving parts of your new window, if there is any. They will first test them to make sure everything is in working order and then they will let you have a go for yourselves. Once you are happy with the window, the installation and have asked all of your questions, we will leave you to enjoy your fabulous new double glazing window.

What is Complete Glazing Birminghams timescale for installation?

All of the suppliers that Complete Glazing Birmingham use have been in the industry for many years. We aim to fit your new double glazed windows as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to get the job done for when you want it. Complete Glazing Birmingham will always keep you up to date with any news on your installation and will always aim to keep you happy and content with everything we do, from the first phone call, to the finishing touches.


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