Manufacturers of double glazing in Birmingham

Manufacturers of double glazing in Birmingham

Here at Complete Glazing Birmingham, we only use the best of the best. Our manufacturers are all high end and have been in the industry for many, many years. We only use the best quality windows and doors and never except anything less. There are many manufacturers out there that are great suppliers of double glazing windows and doors but there are also some manufacturers that can greatly disappoint you as well.

Finding the best manufacturer of double glazing products can be very challenging. Finding the right company to go with is stressful enough, without having to understand if the manufacturer of their windows and doors is actually any good and whether their products will stand the test of time and be worth every penny.

The manufacturer of a window or door is just as important as the installer. Without good, high quality glazing products, no matter how good their installation process is, they won’t last and you could end up having major problems with them and even maybe having to have your windows done all over again, which at an added cost, no one would ever want that to happen.

These manufacturers below are known in Birmingham as being the best manufacturers available and have always been good at what they do. Being in the industry for many years, these manufacturers have learnt all there is to know about double glazing in Birmingham and always move on with the times, leaving no new found product unturned.

Finesse Windows

Finesse windows are a well known manufacturer of double glazed windows and doors in Birmingham. There constant, high quality glazing products have stood the test of time and it’s safe to say they have built up quite a reputation. They started off way back in 1981 by two men that decided to change the way the bespoke windows were all designed. They looked into the design, manufacturing and also the installation and were determined to improve it.

To this day, Finesse windows are still a family run busy and have been since the day the business was set up. They have a strong commitment to the quality of their products and their service remains just as important to them as it was many years ago. Finesse are well known for the way they treat their customers and have always dealt with problems the right way instead of trying to save money and ripping people off.

Finesse windows really are the experts in the trade, providing Birmingham double glazing companies the best quality windows and doors. Today, they still strive to be the best and are well on their way there.

RAD Window Services

RAD Window Services have been established since 2007 and are based in the West Midlands and really are the specialised in the manufacturing of double glazed windows and doors. RAD offer the highest quality windows and doors and never fail to provide double glazing businesses with top quality, beautifully designed glazing products. Apart from offering the best products, they also offer businesses around Birmingham with great customer service too.

Shard End Glass

Shard End Glass are a company in Birmingham who supply the double glazing companies with high end double glazing products. Since 1970, they have employed the most skilled manufacturing engineers in glazing and have produced great, high quality results. Many of their employers have been employed by them for over ten years, making them a great team and company to work with.

Shard End Glass have been a reputable, double glazing supplier for over 40 years and have supplied Birmingham with great service ever since the start of their adventure.

Eastern Windows

Eastern Windows is a family run business that originally started up in 1982. Being a BME company, they are excellent at what they do and supply the whole of Birmingham and surrounding areas with their expertise and vast knowledge. Being in the business so long, they have built up a reputation and alway withhold it.


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