Types of Double Glazing

There are many different double glazed windows to choose from, deciding what style is best for you can be tricky, here’s some popular styles to choose from.

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The double glazing industry has rocketed a considerable amount over the last decade or so. Some people think that double glazed windows are a standard choice and wouldn’t match all homes. For example, an old georgian home would look odd if it had modern style windows in it.

But, the double glazing industry has changed over the years and manufacturers of double glazing offer a wide range of styles that will be sure to suit any individual property and suit your requirements at the same time.

What types of double glazing are available today?

There are many different double glazed windows to choose from, so you can always find a style to suit your property. Deciding what style is best for you can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure of what to look for. Below, are some different styles of double glazing that are very popular in today’s day and age.

Casement Windows

The very popular, casement double glazed windows are best suited to larger homes. This is due to the way the windows are designed and how much light they let in. Casement double glazed windows let in a considerable amount of light making them great for large rooms as they can let natural light in and brighten the whole room up.

The design of the casement window allows good air circulation and these windows also come with a wide variety of frames too. The casement double glazing unit has beautiful, distinctive, leaded glass patterns that will give your home a beautiful, unique look. These double glazing windows can be opened in many different ways, such as:

  1. All the hinges placed down one side
  2. The windows can be fitted so they open into the property instead of outwards
  3. The hinges can be fitted along the top
  4. The windows can be opened away from the property instead of opening inwards.

This choice is all down to how you have them installed so always make sure you are certain of what style you want, before your casement double glazed windows are fitted. A great benefit of the casement double glazed windows is that they are less expensive to other styles that are out there and this is because they are a fairly simple window.

Georgian Bar Windows

The georgian bar windows are a very popular style double glazing unit, especially for older style homes. The name ‘georgian bar’ came from the Georgian times as this style was most commonly used for Georgian styled houses. These beautiful windows are very versatile and give off a very distinctive look.

The patterns that the georgian bar, double glazed windows feature, resemble patterns that were once authentic in the Georgian designs, hence why they are so popular with older styled homes. The amazing thing about georgian bar windows is that, although they may look like separate panes of glass, they actually aren’t.

The georgian bar, double glazing units are actually made up of one glass unit and then there are several bars that run vertically and horizontally through the glass and then joined together., forming the georgian, old style look. The materials used to create this look are the same materials used for the frame.

The georgian bar window is basically the same as other styles of double glazed windows except, the frames running through the glass create a separate pane effect, resulting in a beautiful georgian style effect and giving it a real traditional feel and look to your home.

Tilt and Turn Double Glazed Windows

Tilt and turn windows are very popular in homes that have small children. This is because the tilt and turn windows are a lot safer than normal windows due to the way they open and close. These double glazing windows are very flexible and can make your window cleaning a lot easier to manage.

Like a normal uPVC window, the tilt and turn windows will open as normal, but you also have the ability to open them inwards to. This means that when you open the window, it will be opened towards you instead of the traditional way of opening away from you. A great thing about tilt and turn is that you can also open the window from the top.

The reason these windows are so popular in a young family home is because these windows offer a dual hinge system that allows the window to tilt inwards from the top of the window, making it a very safe environment for a small child to play by.

These windows are perfect for families as you can keep them basically closed whilst still letting fresh air into your home. Larger homes also benefit from these double glazing units as they let in the maximum natural light possible. As the tilt and turn double glazing windows come in a variety of choices, you can choose a frame and size to suit your home and style.

Vertical Sliding Windows

If your home is more of an older style or is more traditional, the vertical sliding, double glazed windows maybe best suited for you. With the style of sash windows, these stunning windows are opened by sliding the bottom part upwards. Unlike a sash window though, this style has much more benefits and will last much longer.

There are many different styles when it comes to the vertical sliding windows. Always make sure to choose the right style for you but also the right material that has been used to make the window. For example, choosing uPVC windows instead of wood can dramatically reduce the amount of maintenance that is required.


These different types of double glazing windows are the most popular choices in the UK as they have proved to be very beneficial for a numerous amount of homes across the country. If you are still unsure about what style you think is best for you, get some professional advice and don’t be scared to ask as many questions as you want as double glazing is important and it is always best that you get it right first time.


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