Windows Installation Myths

There are lots of misconceptions surrounding replacing and installing windows; people can be put off of attempting to install windows because they have been told things that aren’t true about the process. The rise of DIY tutorials and videos have made it seem easy to handle any household task, but there are still things that are best left to the professionals. Today we’ll be dispelling some of the myths you’ll have heard about installing windows and help you to find a high quality window installation service at an affordable low price.


Anyone Can Install Windows

The biggest window installation myth is the idea that anyone is able to install new windows. That’s something that we could never recommend. Installing windows and double glazing is a complex job that takes a lot of skill, training, and expertise to complete. Replacing windows can be relatively easy for registered professionals that have spent years doing this and understand all of the small details. However, if someone who doesn’t have the skills to install a window tries to do it, it can cost even more time and money to correct the mistakes they make. There are several requirements when it comes to installing windows that window fitters have to follow to ensure proper installation. A badly installed window doesn’t work properly and can cause drafts, leaks, and other problems.


A Window is a Window

Everyone wants to get the lowest prices and best deals possible, but we should also consider the quality and performance of a product and not just the cost. Not every window is manufactured to the same standard, and they all come with some of their own benefits. You should consider the design, materials, glass technology, energy efficiency, and design of a window before installing it. All of our windows are recommended by the Energy Savings Trust and they all come with advanced glass technology designed to conserve heat.


Windows Can’t be Replaced During Winter

We find lots of our customers feel that it would be too cold for them to install their windows in the winter months. That’s just not true. Lots of people seem to feel that the cold temperatures outside mean that installing windows during winter will invite all of that cold into their homes.

Your home doesn’t need to lose all its heat during window replacements as trained professionals follow a procedure and use precautions to ensure that your home is protected against the cold weather. In fact, the winter proves to be a great time to get double glazing installed because you’ll instantly be able to notice the benefits of the new energy efficient glass compared to the old windows.


You Can’t Change Window Styles

While it is true that some styles of windows are better suited to certain styles of home, you are still able to mix and match the designs in your home. We’ve got a huge range of styles and colours so you are able to choose a great design that works perfectly with your preferences and your home. We recommend talking to one of our representatives to discuss your options and they can offer advice about what would work best for you.


New uPVC Windows Don’t Require Maintenance

One thing that makes uPVC window frames so great is they are durable and don’t require much maintenance. Older window frames, particularly ones made from timber, require lots of maintenance and upholding. While it is true that uPVC windows are more durable and last longer, they still require a little bit of tender loving care here and there. Any kind of window frame is going to last longer and be in better condition if they are maintained regularly after installation.


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