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Casements are windows that come in a wide range of sizes and are also relatively easier to maintain and clean. Although the design of a casement window is fairly simplistic, it still possesses its unique style and does add to the overall outlook of a room.

Casement Windows

What are Casement Windows?

Casement Windows can be easily defined as windows that are mounted on walls with the support of side hinges, with its window panes opening or closing vertically as operated by an internal crank. Unlike other styles of windows, casements do not require ropes or weights as they are permanently mounted to an interior wall.

Casement windows mostly open outward either towards the left or right, as they are permanently hinged at the side. Typically, these windows are designed for areas in the house where the height of the room is greater than the width, or where a large window is necessary to add an aesthetic appeal to the room.

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The Benefits of Casement Windows

Since casements have always been a popular choice among homeowners, there must be a long list of benefits that come with them. Few of these include: 

A Wide-Open Window 
The most unique element about a casement window is that since it can be swung open, it provides for a large window opening. In fact, no other type of window provides as much of an opening as casement windows do. This opening lets the fresh breeze inside your home, allowing for cross ventilation and even some natural cooling. 

Little or No Muntins 
Muntins is a term that collectively refers to any strips of wood, metal or vinyl that act as dividers between multiple panes of glass within a single window. While some people may prefer the look of muntins, others may really hate the idea of additional accessories on their windows. In the latter case, casements would work perfectly as they do not require any muntins or window frames that may look like an excessive and unnecessary accessory to a window. 

Better Views 
Since casement windows have large window panes, the scenic beauty offered is remarkable. If you’re a fan of the views outside your home, casement windows can be a perfect choice to be able to look at them through a simple yet elegant window.  

Energy Efficiency
Since casement windows are closed manually through the crank, the window sash pushes against the frame and creates an airtight seal between the interior and exterior surroundings. This acts as improved insulation and could significantly contribute towards lower heating or cooling costs.

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One of the most significant advantages of casement windows is that they are extremely difficult to break in to. In comparison to other types of sliding or double-hung windows, casements provide much more safety and security to the house. Since the locks are in the shape of a hook and are attached within the frame, they are completely out of reach and no outsider could access them.


Casement windows not only provide the benefits mentioned above, but also add towards the overall comfort of your home. With casements, you can customize just how big or how small you want your window panes to be and be in complete control of whether you want to let the fresh breeze inside or not. Casement windows also add a unique stylistic element to the home. Despite the fact that their design is extremely simple, the best of casement windows can end up giving the most elegant of looks.


The best part about casement windows is its versatility – they can be used as the sole window style in your house or alongside of other styles to complement them.

Casement windows can be in their typical style of a classic single pane window opening outward, or in the style of a Colonial Casement that is similar to a double-hung window as it has two panes of glass.

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Casement Windows are immensely popular, they come with a wide array of advantages including a provision of natural light, good ventilation, adaptability, security, comfort and style.

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