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Here at Complete Glazing Birmingham, we provide your home with a window design that will suit your home. We have a wide variety of window styles, for example, we have casement windows, bay windows or sash windows, which all come with a choice of finishes and different security systems.

High Quality Double Glazing

We pride ourselves on always giving our best by providing you with the latest manufacturing techniques regarding double glazing windows. With our extensive knowledge, we are able to supply creativity and diversity to ensure your windows stand out from the rest.

Complete Glazing Birmingham use only the finest materials available and with them, we carefully design and create the perfect window to replace your old one. We understand that windows are seen as a focal point for your home, so ensuring they are fitted to perfection is important to keep them a centrepiece. We offer a range of high quality, uPVC double glazing windows, all of which are manufactured to the current building regulations, allowing you to have peace of mind that your product will be perfect.

Joining our expert team with our wide range of double glazing windows, we can always provide you with the right window to match your property. All of our double glazed windows are fixed with a unique range of handles and locks that meet the criteria of the British Standard for improved security. Our design experts will blow you away with their creativity and honesty and you will be left with the finished product you wanted.

Complete Glazing not only have the skills to create a look that is absolutely perfect for your home, they can also give you advice on the different technologies and features you can have in order to create the perfect, double glazing window system. Our expert team are always on hand to give you advice on all of the different styles, colours and anything else you may need to choose from.

Experienced Window Fitters

Our team of qualified window fitters have been installing double glazing for over 20 years, every job they carry out is finished to the highest standard.

All the added benefits

There is so much more to windows than just the way they look in your home. Our highly trained team are always available to demonstrate just how many different benefits come from double glazing windows and what would be beneficial for you. As well as the obvious benefits to a double glazed window, there are also hidden benefits that may not be visible, such as, the amount of noise reduction that they decrease.

Double glazing windows are not only safer when it comes to break ins, they are also safe when it comes to fires. If a fire were to break out in your home, the way some of our windows are manufactured, it would make it extremely easy for you to exit the building, making it a safer environment for the whole family.

Here at Complete Glazing, we are more than happy to help you with any advice, concerns or to answer any questions you are unsure of. Whatever it is, give us a call today and let us help you!


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Complete Glazing Birmingham are a local double glazing installation company based in Birmingham UK. We strive to give our customers an unparalleled glazing and window service that increases the aesthetics of their property.


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