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Sliding Windows are immensely popular, they come with a host of advantages including easy maintenance, energy efficient and offer more durability.

Sliding Windows

What are Sliding Windows? 

Sliding windows are widely in use due to the the spacious effect they add to a room whilst also providing a neat and sophisticated environment. The Sliding windows move sideways back and forth and one one the windows remains stationary, while the other moves.

Sliding windows are also known by the name of gliding windows or even sliders, that have their sashes at the sides and only one window moves at a time. These are usually all glass in the middle without any panes.The sliding windows can come in two or three sliding combination options for large spaces.

Experienced Window Fitters

Our team of qualified window fitters have been installing sliding windows and double glazing for over 20 years, every job they carry out is finished to the highest standard.

The Benefits of Sliding Windows


Sliders are very energy efficient

This is due to the installment of insulated glass material that is well constructed through verified seal designs which lock the temperature of the room. This way you can also save money from your bills.

Sliding windows are very easy to maintain

That is because of its less complex features as compared to other windows. Sliders have less sashes and a boundary frame which offer low cost maintenance. These are highly convenient in terms of cleaning, look new and thus make it an affordable option to utilize.

Sliders offer more durability

This is because these do not have to deal with any pulley or push and pull system that might break the window seal or its sash. You simply have to glide the window without worrying of having it to open or close. Thus they offer a simple and smooth process and more durability.

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Sliding Windows are immensely popular, they come with a wide array of advantages including a provision of natural light, good ventilation, adaptability, security, comfort and style. Call us on 0121 405 1058 to arrange a free quote/consultation, alternatively you can head over to our booking page where you can book a free appointment.

The Choice is yours

We supply low maintenance, thermally efficient double glazed windows in a variety of different styles and designs tailored to match your precise requirements.


Sliding windows are usually sealed with special materials that offer a smooth gliding operation. This seal also protects the windows from pulling apart and breaking. These also consist of a centre lock that provides excellent security so you do not have to worry about it being broken or opened by any intruder.
Some sliding windows also come with a steel interlock system that adds extra strength to the frame and enables it to become more tough in terms of structure, so it can resist the rain and any strong winds.


Sliding windows are very convenient when it comes to their operation. They work on latch-release that is simple and opens with the sliding motion that it smooth and easy. The sliding windows are also easy to use for older people or people with any special needs, they do not have to pull or push back the regular window and just glide to open it without having to deal with any complex parts.


Sliders add to the sophistication and elegance of a room and creates a modern aesthetic among the theme of your house. We are naturally comfortable with wide imagery and easy sight, rather than having any interrupting sashes and having the eyes to move up and down or sideways. The large width of sliders add to the elegance of your home and enables you to witness nature and allows light to enter your home thus making it more spacious and lighter and fresh.


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